Our Security Philosophy

Controlled Situational Tactics is a consulting firm with a primary focus on strategic conditioning and fostering mental and physical self-development.  Originally founded as a comprehensive and elite security services firm, we remain dedicated to making the ideal of SECURITY THROUGH PREPARATION AND UNDERSTANDING a reality, though some may think it unattainable. Our mission is deliberately woven into and permeates the physical, emotional, and mental aspects of daily life.  

The name of our company was chosen quite deliberately, and it reflects the essence of our philosophy:

Maintaining CONTROL of thoughts and emotions to overcome SITUATIONAL conditions through deliberately crafted TACTICS for strategy and action.

The need for security demands services and training from a provider with the most precious assets in the business — PASSION and RESOURCES — and CST possesses these on an unparalleled scale. They are the foundation of our security philosophy.

Our passion is the fire for our relentless efforts to make clients secure in any conceivable way needed. It is embodied in our persistent pursuit of the ideal, and it drives us toward perfection.

Our resources are our lifeblood and our fuel allowing us to address each unique situation and the needs of each client to pair them with the custom security solution that they won’t find elsewhere. Our most valuable resources are our people and their diverse skills. They are the most elite and seasoned veterans in personal and institutional safety, privacy and protection. Via experience in both the public and private sectors, the training, education and contacts of our team are without rival.

From our combatives system to law enforcement training to publc and private security to custom-tailored consulting or operations— no situation is beyond our scope or abilities. 

Some areas of our offerings are explored here on our website, but we are available to discuss any custom need that may overlap — or even fall outside — these categories.

Your security, after all, is CST’s reason for being.