In the CST curriculum there is no purpose without action and no action without purpose.

CST leverages the vast experience of its team to teach a system of personal combatives (commonly called “martial arts”) that is wholly consistent with our mission of security through preparation and understanding. Our CST Combatives system focuses on core principles that support our goal of educating students in protecting themselves. While Chip Coffey and Jesse Mayo have top-tier combatives experience not often found, they understand that people need to quickly develop a skill set that is efficient and elementary. The CST curriculum embodies this understanding. Of course, having competed — and succeeded — at the highest levels, Coffey, Mayo and their team stand ready to further the training of more advanced students and sport-combatives competitors. Believing in fostering an appreciation of security as soon as parents are comfortable with so doing, CST also offers children’s classes that are fun, educational and character-building.

Program Details:

-Head Instructor, Chip Coffey: 2nd Degree Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt under UFC Veteran, IBJJF World Champion, and ADCC Absolute Champion, Roberto Traven.

-Instructor Sambo/BJJ, Jesse Mayo: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt under Chip Coffey. Combat Sambo Black Belt

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