Security & Law Enforcement Training

The needs for education and training of law enforcement are more crucial right now than they have ever been. The global climate requires that standards be raised and continually updated.

CST thrives peerlessly in this area because of our focus on crisis prevention and deescalation. We believe that law enforcement should be educated mentally and physically to use deadly force as a true last resort. The focus in encounters with suspects should be strategically preventing situations from reaching crisis level — and deescalating them if they are already at crisis level. Mental and physical preparedness are the crucial elements of this approach, 

As one colleague once said of CST co-owners Thomas Coffey and Jesse Mayo: “If they awarded degrees in security and personal defense and use of force, they’d each have a PhD — with honors.” Coffey and Mayo are experts in multiple existing systems of defense and combat— armed and unarmed — and have also designed methods and curricula for educating both laymen and law-enforcement personnel in a fashion fitting the heightened need for security in today’s world.

In addition, our legal experts are glad to provide education in use-of-force principles under state and federal law. 

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